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How To Put Your Business In Front Of People Already Searching For Companies Like Yours Using Simple, Unusual LinkedIn “Tricks…”

…In The Time It Takes For You To Drink Half A Cup Of Coffee!

Let’s face it…

Generating new, QUALITY leads for your business is hard.

People are more distracted than ever. They have 101 people vying for their attention, forcing you to “make your pitch” to someone who is uninterested, exhausted, and thinking about the other 30 projects they have going on at that moment.

Worse, they feel pressure from superiors all clamming down on them to save money.

Even more devastating, these leads are costing your business money.

  • Regardless of how qualified the prospects are, they still cost the same…
  • Regardless of how highly they convert to paying clients/customers, they still cost the same…
  • Regardless of how much they even need your product or service, they still cost the same!
But What If You Could Generate More Leads, At Little Or No Cost,
Which Converts Up To 277% More Leads Into Paying Clients…
In The Time It Takes To Drink A Cup Of Coffee?

Hi, my name is Jonathan Nadeau and I’ve discovered a unique way to generate more leads, which convert as much as 277% higher than other lead generation methods, in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

My secret?

Leveraging the little-known secrets of LinkedIn.

If you’ve never used LinkedIn… or don’t quite understand it… don’t worry.

It’s much, much easier than you think.

  • It takes just MINUTES per week…
  • It requires LITTLE or even no knowledge of social media…
  • You do not need “other” social media in place to benefit from it…

Many people think they need a full, comprehensive plan combining all social media and spending hours per day trying to make it work.

That’s simply not necessary.

In fact, many times I recommend putting the vast majority of your time on LinkedIn and simply forgetting or minimizing places such as Twitter or Facebook.



LinkedIn gets you the best results for the least amount of time and effort!

In a recent study of over 5,000 businesses, HubSpot found that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%.

That’s almost 3 times higher (277%) than both Twitter (at 0.69%) and Facebook (at 0.77%)!

Why does this happen?

People join LinkedIn to showcase their career and work expertise. To find content and information to make their professional lives better. In other words, they’re actively searching for other companies that will help them achieve their goals.

It’s like going to a local networking meeting… except you have access to over 200 MILLION members as compared to maybe a few dozen or hundred at any given networking event.

Plus, you can network and connect with dozens… even hundreds of people at the same time… from all around the world in over 200 different countries… without ever leaving your computer chair.

Which sounds better to you?

Even more exciting is how fast you can make this happen…

Get More Leads In A Fraction Of The Time…
While Increasing Your Positioning Power!

There are hundreds of ways to generate new leads for your business. You’ve probably tested dozens of them. It’s the only smart, rational way to decide which ones to use… and which to ditch.

Linkedin is a “must test” new way to generate a higher quality, and higher quantity, of leads.

Think about it.

The people on LinkedIn are ALL professionals. You can specifically target the EXACT person you’re trying to reach. 

  • If you’re looking for CEO’s in a particular industry, you can search for them…
  • If you’re looking for executives only, you can target them specifically…
  • If you’re looking for buyers of certain products, you can find them too…

Think of LinkedIn as a massive gathering of all the business professionals in the world, coming together to connect with one another, network, and do business together.

Better – you don’t have to waste time on people who aren’t qualified to do business with you. A simple mouse-click can refine your search so you only connect with and network with people who are perfectly targeted to become leads and do business with you.

And it takes just minutes per week!

Plus, you can…

Reduce Cost Per Lead Costs
By As Much As 62%!

In another fascinating study conducted by HubSpot, called “The State Of Inbound Marketing”, they thoroughly detailed the difference between many of today’s most popular inbound marketing strategies like social media, SEO, blogs and PPC… versus more traditional outbound marketing strategies such trade shows, direct mail, and telemarketing.

The results clearly indicate that the most effective marketing is moving away from outbound marketing and towards inbound marketing.

More specifically, researchers reported that…

Inbound marketing-dominated organizations experience

a cost per lead 62% lower than outbound marketing-dominated organizations.

Even more astounding, LinkedIn blew other social media platforms away when compared against which actually brought companies in more paying customers.

And here’s what it gets even better…

Your Competitors Have NO Idea
How To Profit From This Lead Generating Miracle!

Think about what that means for you.

It means you finally have a chance to out-market your competition and give yourself a clear, swift advantage. It means you can spend less money generating leads… freeing up your cash flow so you have excess cash to funnel into buying even MORE leads.

It means you’ll stand alone, claiming your dominant industry leader status as you brand your business and increase the value of your relationships at the same time.

LinkedIn is still in its infancy, in terms of marketing effectiveness. Most people know that it’s useful, but are completely ignorant to what can be achieved.

Contact me to help you get more leads using LinkedIn.

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